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Kitchen Space for Rent in Colorado

Colorado Kitchen Share offers affordable kitchen share spaces. We currently operate 34 kitchens in the Boulder, Longmont, and Denver area. Colorado Kitchen Share is Colorado’s largest commissary company.
Our mission is to offer Colorado’s food and baking companies extremely clean kitchen space that is very affordable. Brand new kitchens with primarily brand new equipment. Kitchen Share programs that are flexible to meet your needs. Specialized equipment to better help your food business compete against larger operations. Free consulting to assist you in reaching your goals and, ultimately, help you into your very own full-time kitchen when you are ready.

Colorado Kitchen Share / Colorado’s most affordable kitchens / (720) 435-1980


Colorado Kitchen Share offers affordable commercial kitchen rentals in Colorado. We also offer gluten free kitchens.
Our Steady Shift Program pricing starts as low as $5.77 per hour for our late night shift ( 11:59 pm – 6:00 am ) and as low as $9.89 per hour for our morning shifts. Our Steady Shift program enables you to have the same time shift(s) in our kitchens each week.
Our Time on Demand Program pricing starts as low as $10.71 per hour. This program provides you the flexibility to book your time shifts each month as needed.
Click here for our complete kitchen rental price list.

When you rent kitchen time at Colorado Kitchen Share you have the whole kitchen to yourself. Turn the radio up or leave it off. It is your private kitchen. No waiting for mixers or ovens and no one looking at your recipes or watching what you are doing. In addition, our private kitchen concept enables us to keep the kitchens super clean for you.

Our kitchens have all been built during the last couple of years. Most of our equipment is brand new. Our kitchens are air-conditioned, have wireless internet and often large windows.

Our catering kitchens are equipped with multiple burners for sautéing and standard conventional ovens. The catering sections also have char-broilers and deep fryers. When you use the catering sections ( semi-private use ), you still have your own private kitchen as described above.

If you are starting up a new food business, there is a lot of paperwork required. Some of this documentation includes LLC registrations, FEIN #’s, Business / Sales Tax License registrations with the State of Colorado, City Sales Tax Registrations, Wholesale Food License applications with the Colorado Department of Health, and Retail Food License applications with the County Health Departments.

Colorado Kitchen Share helps you and guides you through the paperwork. We are organized and make the process painless for you. The complete food licensing process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

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Colorado Kitchen Share / Colorado’s most affordable kitchens / (720) 435-1980

No matter which kitchen share program you choose at Colorado Kitchen Share you receive free dry storage. Many programs we offer also include free refrigeration storage. Our storage areas are available for you on a 24/7 basis.  Our pricing page  provides additional details on our storage options.

Whether you are a food truck, food trailer, food cart, catering operation, or a personal chef – the health department regulations require you to return to the commissary to clean your dishes and small wares after each day or event. We offer dedicated cleaning kitchens that you can use 24/7 without reservation for no additional charge.


Whether you require assistance with labeling, packaging, bar codes, nutritional calculations, marketing or other areas, we are here to help you. If we do not know the answer to your questions we will help you find a solution with our industry contacts. We also have numerous food supplier relationships which we can access to help you source product ingredients from different companies across the country

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